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Our Fleet

Millers Buses has a vary of sized buses to fit our customers needs. Ranging from a 21 seater to a 57 seater

Starting off with one of our smallest buses:

These buses are licenced to seat 21 passengers. They are both manual drives  and they can be used to do Charter trips.

These two buses are licenced to seat 24 passengers. They both are manual drives and do school bus trip in Henty and Wagga. 

This Bus is licenced to seat 25 passengers. It is a manual drive and does a school bus trip in and around Ladysmith.

Our 3 Higer buses are licenced to seat 28 passengers. All are Automatic drives and are located in The Rock, Henty and Cookardina for general school bus trips. Fully seat belted and has the option of 3 to 2 seating.

This bus is licenced to sit 57 passengers. It is an automatic drive and is a great bus to drive.

We have a MAN in our fleet which seats 57 passengers, plus 2 to 3 seating. It has an automatic drive and it does a school bus route in and around Narrandera.

2016 Scania / Volgren,

Fully Air Conditioned and Seatbelted

Seats 57 passengers with the option of 3 to 2 seating .

It has an automatic drive and is a delight to drive.

2020 Scania Irizar,

Fully Air Conditioned and Seatbelted.
This bus is used on a school bus run that picks up students in and around Ladysmith and continues in to Wagga. 

Scania 6.jpg

 2021 Scania Touring,

Our newest addition to our fleet. 
Fully Air Conditioned and Seatbelted .
This bus is used for a school bus run in and around Ladysmith and carries on to Wagga.


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